Cleethorpe Road Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) Action Plan - Consultation
We’re asking local residents for their views on air quality in the area. We want to know what you think we should be doing to improve air quality in the area.

The survey will run from the 11 March until the 8 April 2020.

We have a duty to continually review the outdoor air quality within our area against the National Air Quality Standards and comply with these standards.

A detailed assessment of the Cleethorpe Road area was undertaken and the results concluded that an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) should be put in place because Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels were above an acceptable level.

The measures within the original Action Plan were completed and improvements of NO2 within the AQMA were seen but still continue to be above the national level.

A new Action Plan has been produced outlining 16 potential measures that the council will explore to help bring the levels of nitrogen dioxide below the government set levels.
 How important do you think the issue of air quality is in North East Lincolnshire?
Here are the measures proposed in the Action Plan, you'll need to read them to answer the following questions.

  • Improve public transport services, bus stop/train infrastructure & information and interchange facilities
  • Encourage Council Travel Plan opportunities and seek to facilitate uptake of sustainable modes of transport
  • Bus fleet upgrades
  • Improve signage for the Port of Grimsby 

Public Health
  • Continue to promote and facilitate cycling as for both transportation and leisure purposes
  • Encouraging residents and visitors to North East Lincolnshire to use car share and public transport
  • Encourage the uptake of Employer and School Travel Plans within the Borough
  • Public Air Quality Information including promotion of fuel saving measures, residential and commercial, buildings
  • Report on air quality, including making details of the Action Plan measures and annual progress reports available on the Website and inclusion of an Air Quality update in the Corporate Annual Report 

Planning and Infrastructure
  • Ensure that air quality is taken into account in the planning process when located in or close to the AQMAs or in areas marginally below air quality objectives
  • Work together with developers to improve sustainable transport links serving new developments
  • Work together with developers to promote the inclusion of electric charging points for electric/hybrid vehicles at new development sites
  • Consideration of measures to improve air quality in all new strategies when a Strategy is reviewed or updated
  • NELC Vehicle Procurement 

Strategies and Policy Guidance
  • Produce Air Quality Strategies setting out their plans to reduce emissions across the port estate including ship and shore activities 

Air Quality Monitoring
  • Local air quality monitoring within the Borough to ensure a high standard of data is achieved
Do you think the proposed measures in the draft Air Quality Action Plan will improve air quality within the AQMA? 
Please list the top three measures (detailed above) that should be taken to address air quality in the borough. These can be the measures already suggested above or measures you suggest. Please list the most important action first.
What action would you be willing to take to improve air quality?
Do you agree that road traffic emissions are the biggest contributor to air quality issues within North East Lincolnshire? 
What is your preferred method of travel? 
Do you have any other comments to make about improving air quality in North East Lincolnshire and specifically the AQMA?